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The Seed Turbine

We're proud to present to you the Seed Turbine, a 3D-printed seed dryer, redesigned from the ground up, offering you an unprecedented amount of flexibility in how you chose to dry your seeds.


Flexibility and Efficiency

The Seed Turbine effortlessly air dries your seeds safely, quickly and efficiently, shortening the time it takes from days — via conventional methods including paper towels, paper plates, and so on —  to just hours, allowing you to get on with your life.

It also allows you to strip down the dryer into its components, in case you're looking to just dry one or two kinds of seeds — while still delivering full fan power.

All you have to do is unscrew the segments you're currently not using, pop on the lid, and plug in via USB.

You can purchase additional segments for the Seed Turbine and Seed Turbine XL here.


Size Matters

We offer the Seed Turbine in two sizes: Regular and XL. The regular design dries seeds using an 80mm fan, which results in plenty of room for the enthusiast looking to dry and store their seeds for the next growing season.

The XL takes the same approach, but provides just over twice the amount of area per segment, in case you just got back from harvesting an entire field's worth of hot peppers.

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